How To Delete Discord Server On Mobile and PC?

Delete a Discord Server

Discord is a platform where people build their community. People create a server and connected through chat,  voice call, video call, screen sharing.
Delete Discord server
Delete Discord server
Many people want to delete their Discord server for some reason. Discord server delete process isn't so hard. Today I'm coming with this trick How to delete a Discord Server on mobile or PC?

Important: Read Before Delete A Discord Server

If you are owner of a Discord Server you, then you can only Delete the server. Without owner no one can Delete the server.

If you are a owner and want to Delete a Discord server remember that Deletion process is permanent. Once you delete it can't be recovered. So think deeply before delete any Discord Server.

If you don't want to delete the server, you can transfer ownership to other.

How To Delete Discord Server On Mobile?

1. At first open Discord app from your Mobile or iphone.
2. Goto the Server which you want to delete.
3. Open your Server menu and Click on Server Setting option.
4. Click 'Delete Server' at the bottom of the left side menu.
5. Before delete the server enter your Server Name properly in the box and click on Delete Server button.
6. If you enabled Two Factor Authentication (2FA), enter your 6 digit 2FA code and click on confirm.
7. Your Discord Server will Delete successfully.

How To Delete Discord Server On PC?

1. First of all open Discord on your pc.
2. Open your Server and click on menu.
3. In the left side you will see Server Setting option, now click on it.
4. After that click on Delete Server option from bottom of this menu.
5. Now a confirmation pop-up will appear.
6. Enter your Server name in the blank box and click on Delete Server button.
7. If you are enabled 2FA, enter 6 digit code to delete Server.

Conclusion :
In this video share How to delete a Discord server. If you think it will helpful for you. You can share it with your friends and keep our blog to bookmark.
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