Best Android Games For Kids In 2021

Best Kids Games For Android

If you are a parents and looking Kids games for your child then you are in right place. We listed some top Android games for kids. If you sincere about your kids and looking Android games which can help to improve your kids knowledge, you can read this article.
Best Android games for kids
Best Android games for kids
7 - 10 years old kids brain growth rapidly and in this time kids also addicted to play games in phone. As a parents you can prefer below games which can also improve your kids knowledge with fun.
Please note, may some games has include in game purchase. We don't recommend you to purchase any items using money.

Top Kids Games For Android In 2021

1# Endless Alphabet Android Games For Kids

Endless Alphabet is an educational games which can improve child's brain rapidly. Kids can easily remember graphics types game in their mind. Endless Alphabet is a word puzzle game for up to 8 years kids. In this game has no scores to fail that can improve kids vocabulary.

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Endless Alphabet has limited features in trial version. In trial version unlock only 7 puzzle word, you can unlock more with in app purchase.

2# Khan Academy Kids Games For Android

Khan Academy Kids is teacher approved Kids games in Play Store. This app provides educational games and books for kids.  This award winning app is help kids to improve in Math, english, reading, spelling and more. Khan Academy Kids is designed by experts to explore kids mind. Khan Academy Kids provides more than thousands games, learning skills, books , videos for kids. It reached 1 Million+ download in Play Store and can be install for free.

3# Pet Bingo By Duck Duck Moose

Pet Bingo By Duck Duck Moose is an educational game which is available on play store. Pet Bingo is also has Teacher approved tag in Play Store it means it will helpful for kids. Pet Bingo is a Puzzle game for Children. Game developer mentioned that the game is suitable for 5-10 years age kids.

Kids will learn and practice multiplying, substraction and other math equitation while playing. Pet Bingo developed with well interface where kids can review their solutions. This game has on play store and easily download for free.

4# ABC Kids

ABC Kids is one of the best educational game which is available on Play Store. It will be best for up to 8 years age Kids. Kids will get all the materials in this game which is need to learn. Kids can learn how to identify a letter, Upper case and lower case letters, picture with meaning and other helpful study material. ABC kids has 10M+ Downloads and 3+ rating in Play Store.

5# Piano Kids For Android

Piano Kids is a musical Android game developed for children. In this game kids can learn basic knowledge of piano. Music is another part of learning and Piano Kids android apps help kids to Tendency in music. Piano not only improve your learning skill, it could help to develop Concentration, sharp memory, Calm mood.

Piano Kids includes Piano, Electric guitar, Xylophone, Saxophone, Drums percussion and Flute, Harp and Panpipes instruments also. It has more than 100M+ Downloads and 3+ rating on Play Store.

6# Disney Coloring World

Disney Coloring World is a teacher approved Android games for Kids. In this game kids can colour their favourite Disney characters with brushes, crayon and magic tool.

Disney Coloring World game improve Tendency on arts. This game is learn about drawing by scatch and coloured their favourite Disney characters like micky mouse, disney princess etc. This game has 10M+ downloads on Play Store and appropriate for 6 - 8 year students.

7# Baby Games for 2,3,4 Year Old Kids

Baby Games for 2,3,4 Year Old Kids is an educational learning game for 2-4 year kids. It include 15 learning games for Toddlers and many are coming soon. Children can learn Colors, Shapes, fruit names and shapes. It developed by an educational expert thats why it is safe and easy to use. Baby Games for 2,3,4 Year Old Kids will boost cognitive and motor skills of a children.

Final Words :
We shared some android games which is only for kids. Children's can learn while playing. If you like our post please do our website as bookmark.
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