How To Install Chrome Extensions On Android

Chrome Desktop Extension On Android

Chrome extension is specially made for pc or computer users. Android Chrome app has no option to install and use Chrome desktop extension on android device. But today we are coming tricks where you can use Chrome extension on android also.
Chrome extension on android
Chrome extension on android
Chrome extension solve most problem on browser. You can use Google Chrome extension as Download any videos, VPN, ad blocker and other task. But Google not added Chrome extension feature on android, so if you are a android user and want to use Chrome extension on android then follow below steps.

There are many browser where had Chrome extension feature. KiWI Browser is an Android browser and have Chrome extension feature in it. Read below post to know more about Kiwi browser and Chrome extension.

What Is KiWI Browser and Is It Safe?

KIWI Browser is an open source Chromium project based browser like Google Chrome. It is a web browser that comes with some advance features. Kiwi browser comes with default Ad blocker with Night mode option to comfort the users. It is enabled Chrome extension feature which makes the browser unique.

Kiwi browser is safe and similar like chrome. It has advance Ad Blocker option which protect your device from virus and malware attacks. Ad blocker also help to block misleading ads and pop-ups. It will also alert before visit any inappropriate websites.

Kiwi browser concern about Privacy thats why it has default tracking blocker and location blocker option to protect you from tracking your location. It has also an incognito mode option, which helps you to browsing without any evidence.

How To Install Chrome Extension On KiWI Browser ?

1. At first goto Play Store and download KiWi Browser on your android phone.

2. After Install and open Kiwi browser you will see same feature like Google Chrome.

3. To install Chrome extension, click on three dot menu option and tap on Extensions option.
4. After open you will see many option there. You can Install and also upload extension from your device.

5. To install Chrome extension, goto Google Web store.

6. Now search any extension which you will need to use.

7. After that click on Add To Chrome option to install Chrome extension.
8. After installing goto Extensions option from your KiWi Browser to use it.

How To Activate And Deactivate Any Installed Chrome Extension ?

1. To activate or deactivate any Installed Extension, goto three dot menu >> Extensions option.

2. There you will see on / off option like below.
3. Click on that option to enable or disable any Chrome extension.

4. You can also delete any Chrome extension by click on Remove option.

FAQ - Chrome Extension On Android

Where do I get Chrome Extensions?

Usually Chrome extension is available on Google Web Store. You can download and install any extention from here.

What do Chrome Extensions do?

Chrome extension do your work easy. You can use Chrome extension to translate any webpage, Connect website with vpn, check grammer and many other works.

Which Browser Support Chrome Extension on Android ?

There are many android browser which support Google Chrome extension, but KIWI browser and Yandex browser is so popular on it.

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